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10-07-2016"Congratulations" -> Congratulations to all the succesfully qualified candidates of TTA to JTO(T) LICE.

01-07-2016 BSNL adds most wireless users in April: TRAI. < Click here for Details >

01-07-2016"News" -> IDA increased by 2.4 % from 1st July 2016, with this Total IDA will be 112.4 + 2.4=114.8% w.e.f. 01.07.2016.

10-06-2016 The Union Government has appointed a 3rd Pay Revision Committee (3rd PRC).The 3rd PRC will give its report in six months and the government decision on the recommendations of the Committee will take effect from January 1, 2017. < Click here for Notification>

03-06-2016 JTO LICE notification for vacancy years 2014-15 released. < Click here for Notification>

03-06-2016"News" -> JTO(T) LICE Exam result is expected very soon.


09-05-2016 BSNL Growth Rate Recorded, Stands as Top Mobile Operator. < Click here>

09-05-2016 We are hoping to cross revenue of Rs 30,000 crore: Anupam Shrivastava, BSNL chairman. < Click here>

19-04-2016 Dear JTO aspirants, Engineers Academy presents JTO-LICE material(A set of 13 booklet) and JTO-LICE test series. < For Study material Purchage > < For Online Test Series Purchage>

12-04-2016"Congratulates" -> Corporate Office issues letter, allowing all TTAs of 2007 batch, who were belatedly sent for training, to appear the JTO LICE.

01-04-2016"Coaching" -> Dear All, Coaching of JTO LICE is postponed and fixed on 12-4-2016 (Tuesday) time 10 am. There after time will be settled according to majority demand. class venue is The Gate Academy 23, Kailash puri Gopalpura, near by Khandaka Hospital street, Tonk Road Jaipur.
All are requested to manage their tickets and leaves accordingly. Now this schedule is final and will not changed. PG facility is also being arranged commonly.

01-04-2016"Demo class" -> Demo class venue is The Gate Academy 23, Kailash puri Gopalpura, near by Khandaka Hospital street, Tonk Road Jaipur Time 5.30 pm Date 5-4-2016 ( Tuesday ).
All are requested to attend.

30-03-2016 Outcome of todays Circle council meeting attended by CS:-

  1. Conveyance allowance to TTAs working in outdoor BB maintenance will be provided @ Rs. 1400/- monthly either under udaan project or based on daily Diary. It is committed by management after long debate.
  2. All liveries like shoes, tool bags, uniform etc. Will be paid directly in cash form as a part of sallary when got due.
  3. Pending Rule 8 will be considered positively against joining of new TTAs recruited under SRD whose result has been declared
  4. Long pending Medical reimbursement will be settled up to mid of May.
Thereafter CS and ACS sh. Abhishek ujjawal met with CGMT reg Rule 8 cases which are under pipeline and met with AGM(Rectt) for settlement of JTO LICE 2013 discrepancies in compliances of corporate office letter dated 21st March.

04-03-2016 JTO LICE notification for vacancy years 2013-14 released ! < Click here >

01-03-2016 Based on the decision given by the Hon'ble CAT, Jodhpur bench, BSNL Corporate office moved forward to conduct the JTO LICE by releasing the model notification, to be issued by the circles, in advance along with time schedule.
JTO LICE dates anticipated for vacancy years:
2013-14 : 22 May 2016
2014-15 : 28 August 2016
2015-16 : 27 November 2016
< Click here for notification >

29-02-2016"News" -> Today Circle secretary met with GM(Admn), AGM(Pers) and AGM(Admn) and discussed pending rule8 cases and other staff issues related to TTAs.

28-02-2016"CEC meeting" -> A successful CEC meeting concluded at Delhi. More than 75 delegates from 17 circles attended. Central co ordinator, Circle Secretery, Circle treasurer and DS Nagaur attended meeting.

25-02-2016"CEC meeting" -> CHQ CEC meeting is scheduled on 28-2-16 at Delhi ( venue confrence hall BSNL, behind kidwai Bhawan, Janpath New Delhi.

22-02-2016"Thanks" -> Thanks to........SSA for depositing Circle funds. SNATTA Rajasthan Conveys its hearties thanks for it.

21-02-2016"Thanks" -> Thanks to Alwar SSA for depositing Circle funds. SNATTA Rajasthan specially congrats to our Bhamashahs Mr. Suresh chaudhary DS Alwar and Mr. Hariom Meena Circle Vice president for their speacial donation of Rs. 1111/- toward circle fund. Thanks to oir dynamic leaders for their valuable dedication towards Association.

21-02-2016"Sorry" -> It is wrong and mischievous propaganda that the District union of NFTE BSNL has filed case against JTO LICE.Petitioner is not the member of NFTE even. SNATTA Rajasthan regret for this fake news circulated on Social Media..

05-02-2016 Model notification for holding JTO (T) LICE Issued by Corporate Office to Circles. < Click here >

01-02-2016"Thanks" -> Udaipur SSA has deposit special donation of Rs. 4500 to Circle Association for one increment issue. SNATTA Rajasthan provide its sincere thanks to SNATTA Udaipur.

28-01-2016 Corporate Office issued time table for holding JTO LICE... < Click here >

21-01-2016"Thanks" -> Jhalawar SSA has deposit special donation of Rs. 3500 to Circle Association for one increment issue. SNATTA Rajasthan provide its sincere thanks to SNATTA Jhalawar.

20-01-2016 Improving BSNL's financial health a top priority, says Prasad. < Click here >

12-01-2016"News" -> Today President Sh. R Khanna, Dy GS Sh. Sunil Gautam met with GM(Estt) & discussed reg long pending vacancies position. Our delegation gave a reminder draft letter in table format so that exact information may be queried from circles. NTR vacancies answer received. Than our delegation attended forum meeting reg SWAS campaign and submitted our suggestions in this regard. Than a healthy discussion was made with DGM(Rectt) & AGM(Rectt) in which all possibilities of delay were discussed. Rectt cell assured that there will be no delay in their section at all. All CS are requested to assure their intervention for calculation of year wise & category wise vacancies because without it notification is not possible. We are trying our best to expedite the whole process and will achieve it..


31-12-2015"Good News" -> It is learnt that IDA increase from 1st January, 2016 is 4.5 %, with this Total IDA will be 107.9 + 4.5=112.4% w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

26-12-2015NEWS--> Our Hon'le President Sh. Rajender Khanna, GS Anoop Mukherjee, Dy GS Sunil Gautam and AGS Mr. A R Jangid are meeting Director (HR) on 28th with JTO LICE, Unfair NEPP And ESM agenda.

26-12-2015 SNATTA Swaimadhopur welcomed CGMT Rajasthan during his visit at SSA. Our circle office bearer Mr. Mukesh Meena alongwith his team welcomed warmly. SNATTA RAJ congratulates SWM SNATTA team. < Click here for Photo >

21-12-2015NEWS--> Many many congratulations to our senior leaders for being part of SNEA Rajasthan. Mr Kapil Saini ( Sikar) as Area Secretary North Mr. Deshraj Gurjar ( Ajmer) as Circle organising Secretary elected unanimously today in circle conference SNEA Rajasthan on 20-12-2015 at Sikar. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulate both leaders..

18-12-2015 SNATTA Nagaur with AGS Mr. A R Jangid and DS Mr. C P Meena welcomed CGMT Rajasthan Sh. R K Misra.CGMT Rajasthan appreciated TTA cadre for their dedicated efforts towards revival of BSNL.SNATTA Rajasthan congratulate Nagaur Team. < Click here for Photo >

03-12-2015 President, Dy GS and AGS Mr. A R Jangid visited Corporate office and met with different available layers of Management & Unions/Associations. < Minutes of Meeting >

03-12-2015 No plan to disinvest in BSNL, MTNL: Government. < Click here >

03-12-2015 January 2016 BSNL IDA Rates may reach to new heights. < Click here >

24-11-2015 Today CS and ACS met with Sr GM (Admn) reg Consideration of all pending Rule8 cases against recent TM to TTA promotion. He assured to expedite the process. Than our delegation met with CS NFTE(BSNL) and submitted our points for upcoming Rajasthan council meeting. They also welcomed new PGMTD for his welcome, Confirmed from staff section reg Vacancy position reply to CO. < Click here >

21-11-2015 Letter to GM(Admn) reg Rule 8 against TM to TTA promotion. < Click here >

20-11-2015 Highlights of Seventh Pay Commission report. < Click here >

18-11-2015 BSNL reports operating profit of Rs 672 crore for FY15. < Click here >

18-11-2015 BSNL to spend 7,700 cr capex this year. < Click here >

07-11-2015 DoT plans new holding company for BSNL, MTNL. < Click here >

06-11-2015 BSNL will be back in profits by 2018-19, says MD Anupam Shrivastava. < Click here >

03-11-2015 Photos of Extended CWC meeting SNATTA RAJASTHAN. < Click here for Photos >

03-11-2015 Minutes of Extended CWC meeting SNATTA RAJASTHAN. < Click here for Minutes >

27-10-2015Extended CWC--> A Grand Extended CWC meeting of Rajasthan circle took place in Jaipur on 25/10/2015. The program is graced by Hon'le CGMT & Sr. GM(Admn) having a huge gathering of 90 delegates from 17 SSAs. SNATTA CHQ Thanks to All Rajasthan team for making such a grand & memorable event. Minutes of meeting with snaps will be uploaded soon.

16-10-2015 Corporate Office letter on regularisation of Officiating JTOs as per the provisions of Recruitment Rules of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom) - 2014.Also it has been directed to calculate JTO Vacancies under 50% Departmental quota as on 31.03.2016. < Click here for Letter >

15-10-2015Meeting with GM(Admin)--> Today Central coordinator and Circle Secretary met with GM(Admin) & AGM(Pers) regarding Rule 8 cases. A healthy discussion was made reg injustice being done with Sirohi, Badmer and Banswara awaited TTAs for rule 8 consideration. Wrong priority cases of Ganganagar and Nagaur SSA were also discussed. CS also focused the long awaited friends for Relieving after Rule 8 transfers. GM(Admn) Assured to take it positively and accepted his presence in our CWC meeting being held on dated 25-10-2015.

15-10-2015Extended CWC--> SNATTA RAJASTHAN is going to organise an Extended CWC meeting on 25 oct 2015 (Sunday) at Jaipur. All Circle office bearers, Distt Secretaries , Distt President with Minimum Two delegates are requested to attend. Our All India President Sh. R Khanna, CGMT Rajasthan SH. R K Mishra and GM(Admn) Sh. P C Mehta will grace the function. Circle level leaders of other unions will elaborate the house. Venue will be Maharani palace, opp Polo victory Jaipur,Time 11.00 am sharp. For any queries dial Mr. A R Jangid CC @ 9414004598, Mr. Abhishek ujjwal ACS 9414033449 & Mr Nitin Khandelwal 9414000076. 

14-10-2015 Congratulations ! BSNL Corporate Office today notified the Recruitment Rules of JTO (Telecom) 2014. < Click here for copy >

13-10-2015 President Shri Rajendra Khanna, DyGS Shri Sunil Gautam and AGS Shri R K Upadhayay Ji met with Director HR,BSNL along with GM(Estt), SrGM(SR) and GM(Rectt) over a very cordial meeting to discuss the various agenda points. < Click here for detail >

03-10-2015 Govt allows sharing of all present, future mobile spectrum. < Click here for detail >

03-10-2015 Telecom department gives nod to single emergency number 112. < Click here for detail >


30-09-2015"Good News" -> It is learnt that IDA increase from 1st October, 2015 is 5.3%, with this Total IDA will be 102.6+5.3=107.9% w.e.f. 01.10.2015.

30-09-2015 BSNL,MTNL key to resolving call drops. < Click here for detail >

30-09-2015 TRAI received the least number of call drop complaints against BSNL and maximum against Airtel & vodafone. < Click here for detail >

28-09-2015 Why Profit making BSNL tries to Regain its Status. < Click here for detail >

24-09-2015 Guideline regarding revision in cadre of JTO to his parent Cadre TTA. < View Letter >

22-09-2015 SNATTA RAJASTHAN is going to organise an Extended CWC meeting on 25 oct 2015 (Sunday) at Jaipur. All Circle office bearers, Distt Secretaries, Distt President with Minimum Two delegates are requested to attend. Our All India President Sh. R Khanna, CGMT Rajasthan SH. R K Mishra and GM(Admn) Sh. P C Mehta will grace the function. Circle level leaders of other unions will elaborate the house. Venue will be finalize and intimate soon. < View Letter >

22-09-2015 One of our BSNL JTO Shailendra Saraswat is admitted in Pushpanjali Hospital Agra UP(West) in ICU due to prolonged fever and reduced platelets count to 10k ,requires donor urgently,if possible then pls arrange A-ve blood donor. Contact Sachin Ji 09412415550.

18-09-2015"Congratulations to All" --> BSNL Board meeting held today, on 18.09.2015 approved the JTO RR amendments. With this amended JTO RR, service condition is reduced to 5 years from 7 years.The RR was pending before the Board for approval since 10.06.2014.Now Assn will be pursuing the TTA to JTO LICE.

16-09-2015"News" --> It is learnt that the Next BoD meeting scheduled on 18th September 2015.

15-09-2015"DHARNA" --> SNATTA RAJASTHAN is extendeing its cordial support for tomorrow's Dharna.

15-09-2015 BSNL is in the intensive-care unit; a recovery seems a long shot. < View Detail >

11-09-2015 BSNL launch 4G Data services in this financial year 2015-16 by March 2016. < View Detail >

06-09-2015 Dear friends, Yesterday our President sh. R Khanna attended open session of AIC SNEA at Jaipur Rajasthan. He graced the dias. CMD, DIR(CFA), CGMT Rajasthan, Director MNIT and All senior leaders VAN Namboodari, Swapan chakarborty, R P Sahu, C Singh and GS BSNLOA were available in function. President elaborated in his speech our JTO RR, 30% superannuation and JTO LICE issue in house. < View Images >

05-09-2015"News" --> CC, CS and ACS met with GM(HR) Jaipur for discussing Non co-operation of GM Udaipur reg non consideration of Rule 8 cases of TTAs from Sirohi and Udaipur. He assured to take remedial action in this regard. Our office bearers also met with AD ( Staff ) for mutual transfer of Mr. Arvind Kaler SGR, Manish Jast CHURU and Manish Tripathi Jodhpur. In there meeting with AGM (Personal) it was assured that Hon'le CGMT to grace our CWC meeting as Chief guest.


03-09-2015"News" --> Circle Secretary R.Khanna visited the Bikaner and graced the Rally of Trade Unions strike. After that he met with GMTD Bikaner and persue the early implementation of One increment Arrear and staff issues.

03-09-2015 STRIKE PICTURES OF NAGAUR SSA. < View Images >

01-09-2015 BSNL IDA Rates of October 2015 going to Record a New Increase. < click here for more details >

31-08-2015"News" --> Our Dy GS meeting finished with Dir(HR), in answers mode to his questions she informed JTO RR not cleared in Board meeting, in fact JTO RR not taken up in meeting. Next Board meeting expected in mid of Sept. Already inform to madam, find out possibility to conduct exam.

28-08-2015 Rationalization of the tariff under postpaid mobile services in Rajasthan Circle. < View Details >

26-08-2015"News" --> Next BSNL Board meeting to be held on 28.08.2015.Our JTO RR-2014 issue is under pipeline to get resolved.

26-08-2015 Launching of Promotional Schemes on Top Ups under prepaid mobile services in Rajasthan Circle. < View Details >


20-08-2015 BSNL doubles SIM card sales from May to June 2015 due to cheap tariffs and attractive offers. < click here for more details >

18-08-2015 BSNL New Telephone Installation Charges Slashed by 20%. < click here for more details >

14-08-2015 BSNL Number Online Booking & Instant Activation Launched. < click here for more details >

14-08-2015 VRS FOR MTNL, BSNL EMPLOYEES LIKELY SOON. < click here for more details >

07-08-2015 No Health hazard from Mobile tower Radiation. < click here for more details >

07-08-2015 PPT on "My BSNL App". < click here for more details >

06-08-2015 The Union Cabinet today approved hiving off 65,000 towers of state-run telecoms firm BSNL into a new company. The move is expected to help the company realize the full valuation potential of the towers.

The Cabinet also sanctioned "financial assistance" of about Rs 627 crore for BSNL and MTNL in lieu of surrender of 800 Mhz telecom spectrum.

05-08-2015 Introduction of Promotional offer for Independence Day under prepaid mobile(Data) services. < click here for more details >

04-08-2015 COAI seeks equal opportunity for members in BSNL pacts. < click here for more details >

03-08-2015"Thanks" --> Thanks to Udaipur SSA for depositing circle fund in account. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulate Udaipur SSA.

03-08-2015 Sri Lanka provides Internet to rural areas using Google Internet Balloons, perhaps a call for India to consider such viable options. < click here for more details >

01-08-2015 Revision in Tariff of Data plan under Postpaid Mobile services. < click here for more details >

01-08-2015 Shri N.K. Mehta, Presently ED,IT in BSNL HQR will take over charge of Dir (EB) from 01.08.2015.SNATTA Rajasthan convey greetings to him.

31-07-2015 BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming - New STV Launched . < click here for more details >

30-07-2015 Arrears Calculator for one additional increment. < click here for Arrears Calculator >

29-07-2015 Rationalization of the tariff under prepaid mobile services. < click here for Letter >

29-07-2015"Telecom News" --> IT secretary Ram Sewak Sharma appointed new TRAI chief.

The government has named Ram Sewak Sharma, currently the IT secretary, as the next telecom regulator, bringing in the popular 'software coding expert' when the sector watchdog needs to take a call on controversial issues such as net neutrality and penalising telcos.Ram Sewak Sharma, a 1978 batch Indian Administrative Service officer of Jharkhand cadre, would take charge of TRAI. Khullar had resigned as commerce secretary to take the top job at the regulator.

29-07-2015 Minutes of the Designations Committee meeting held on 28.07.2015 regarding the change of designations of the Non-Executive cadres <Minutes of Meeting >

28-07-2015"Greetings" --> The News has just came that the designation of TTAs are going to be JUNIOR ENGINEER.

This was long pending demad of SNATTA is yes,another success came atlast.We congratulate all TTA Brothers and Sisters for the success.We are very thankful to JAC for their sincere effort to bring about the changes.

Details of the designations settlement:-.

(1) RM --> Telecom Assistant, (2) TM --> Telecom Technician (3) TTAs -->JE, (4) NE 11 and NE 12 Sr. TOAs --> office supdt, (5) other Sr. TOAs --> office Associate.

28-07-2015"Condolence" --> End of an era: 'Missile man' APJ Abdul Kalam passes away after cardiac arrest.May his soul rest in peace.

25-07-2015 Central Co ordinator Mr A R Jangid attended a general body meeting of SNATTA Udaipur and cleared all CHQ level issues of our Association. Udaipur Team welcomed him with full enthusiasm and a healthy discussion was made. Than CC with DS Udaipur Mr Grehvardhan met with GMTD UDP and discussed our friends local and Rule 8 issues. GM UDP assured to take remedial action. <click here for Photos >

25-07-2015 GSM Telecom Operators Added 41.4 Lakh Subscribers in June: COAI. <click here for Details >

24-07-2015 List of Holidays to be observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2016. <click here for Letter >

24-07-2015"News" --> Rs:-830/- crore sanctioned by govt as a BWA spectrum refund to BSNL, Definitely It is the result of struggle by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations.

23-07-2015 Endorsement of one increment order from Circle office is uploaded on Rajasthan Intranet. <click here for Letter >

23-07-2015 Circle Secretary write to GM Admin regarding early implementation of one increment orders in SSAs <click here for Letter >

23-07-2015 Circle Secretary write to GM Admin regarding early conduction of Training for JTO LICE qualified ESM of Rajasthan <click here for Letter >

23-07-2015"News" --> Next BoD meeting is expected on 10/08/2015.Our JTO RR-2014 issue is under pipeline to get resolved.

23-07-2015"News" --> Designation change committee meeting is being held on 28th July Sr.TOA above NE10 designation may be finalized as Superintendent (As union demand) or Office Executive Assistant (As management is proposing) and TTA as JE (Telecom).

18-07-2015"Thanks" --> Thanks to Alwar and Jhunjhunu SSA for depositing the CHQ fund to Circle. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulates both SSAs.

17-07-2015"Thanks" --> Thanks to Kota and Sirohi SSA for depositing the CHQ fund to Circle. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulates both SSAs.

06-07-2015 "CEC 5th July,2015" --> Under the leadership of President, GS SNATTA delegates met with all layers of BSNL management as well as Unions and Associations(Executive & Non Executive) and conducted discussions. A row of meetings are also scheduled for today. <View Snaps of meeting>

27-06-2015"Thanks" --> Thanks to Jhalawar and Sriganganagar SSA for depositing the CHQ fund to Circle. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulates both SSAs

24-06-2015"News" --> SNATTA CHQ is organising a CEC meeting at Delhi on Dated 5-07-2015 to 6-07-2015. Intrested friends can provide their names to CC/CS/CP.

23-06-2015"Thanks" --> Thanks to Jaisalmer & Churu SSA for depositing the CHQ fund to Circle. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulates both SSAs.

20-06-2015"Thanks" --> Thanks to Nagaur SSA for depositing the CHQ fund to Circle. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulates Nagaur SSA.

15-04-2015"News" --> On Dated 15/04/2015 a delegation from SNATTA CHQ including President Rajender Khanna, Dy GS Sunil Gautam and AGS R K Upadhyay met with President NFTE(BSNL) for our long pending issues. Com Islam Ahmed shared all present situations and issues pending with Board of Directors and assured to gear up the process with his best efferts. President cleared that not even a single issue has been resolved resulting frustration in his team.Thereafter our Delegation along with President NFTE(BSNL) met with GM(Est) Smt Madhu Arora and discussed the issues proposed JTO RR14, JTO LICE and Tamilnadu result. President also highlighted the issue of ESM JTO LICE and appealed to stop this injustice. GM(Estt) assured to look into the matter and for taking remedial action at her end. She also told for their limitations regarding issues pending at BoD level.

01-04-2015"News" --> It is learnt that the IDA increase, that has become due w.e.f. 01-04-2015 is 0.2%. With this IDA increase, the total IDA that has become payable from 01-04-2015 will be 100.5%

13-03-2015"News" --> Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations served Notice for two days strike on 21 / 04 / 2015 and 22 / 04 / 2015 on demands for Revival of BSNL.

04-03-2015"News" --> SNATTA CHQ held a successful CEC meeting on dated 26-02-2015 at New Delhi(after Parliament March) and discussed all the agendas as notified.

01-03-2015"Info" --> Thanks to Udaipur SSA for depositing the Fund in SNATTARAJ Account. Remaining SSAs are requested to do the same immediately.

19-02-2015"News" --> A Circle level convention organizes by united forum of BSNL unions/associations at PGMTD building Jaipur. Attended by our All India President Mr. Rajender Khanna and AGS Mr. A R Jangid, President addressed house. More than 1000 comrades attended the convention. All circle office bearers of SNATTA Rajasthan attended function with full enthusiasm. A special meeting organizes with GS BSNLEU and President NFTE and detailed discussion made regarding 30% superannuation benefits, Designation change, JTO RR2014, EMS result and Tamilnadu Circle JTO LICE result issues.

14-02-2015"Info" --> Circle level convention is being organised by Forum of BSNL unions/Associations at Jaipur PGMTD on 19/01/2015. Around 40 members from SNATTA Rajasthan are attending the function. Our All India President Mr. R.Khanna and AGS Mr A R Jangid will grace the function from SNATTA CHQ

17-01-2015"Party" --> SNATTA SIKAR organized a welcome party for New TTAs in Hotel Vinayak on 17/01/2015.Distt Secretary NFTE and Distt Secretary BSNLEU graced the function. All promoted friends also graced the function. SNATTARAJ congratulate for this initiative.

11-01-2015"Welcome" --> A Grand welcome party of New TTAs by SNATTA Udaipur took place at Rockwood Restaurant on 11/01/2015. Sh Sharwan Kumar GMTD, Add GM(Admn) and Assistant Circle Secretary SNATTA Om Parkash Ved graced the function. SNATTARAJ congratulate Udaipur team for this achievement.

10-01-2015"Party cum CWC" --> A welcome/Farewell party including CWC meeting of SNATTA Rajasthan held at Hotel Mahendra, Nagaur on 10/01/2015. Sr GMTD Bikaner, All INDIA President SNATTA and AGS SNATTA graced the function. A Zone wise co-ordination committee formed to accelerate the activities of Association. SNATTA RAJ congratulates the Newly recruited friends in Deptt. All Circle office bearers with District Secretaries committed to participate actively in running Agitation by Forum of BSNL Unions/Association.

08-01-2015"Participation" --> Active participation by SNATTAians in 3 days Dharna in all SSA of Rajasthan. SNATTARAJ Congratulates all the members for successful Dharna program.

06-01-2015"INVITATION" --> All Circle office bearers, DS,DP and active members are requested to attend CWC meeting at Nagaur on 10/01/2015.

04-01-2015"IDA INCREASED" --> IDA from 01.01.2015 will be raised by 2.2%. With this IDA will be 98.1+2.2 = 100.3% from 01.01.2015.

03-01-2015"NEWS" --> Management committee of BSNL has reportedly cleared grant of one increment with arrears to employees entering on 1st January 2007 or thereafter with arrears.

02-01-2015"LETTER" --> Circle Secretary wrote a letter to CGM RAJASTHAN regarding genuine issues viz Para 8 cases,issue of postpaid CUG SIM for TTAs working in Marketing, OFC and operations field units, training to TTAs of New Technology courses running at advanced training centres and conveyance allowances to TTAs working in Broadband maintenance field with a copy to CS NFTE/BSNLEU.

01-01-2015"WELCOME MEET" --> A CWC meet cum welcome party of new TTAs is being organised by Nagaur SSA at Hotel Mahendra jodhpur Road, Nagaur. All Circle Office bearers,Distt Secretaries and Distt. Presidents are requested to assure their full presence. Time of programme will be 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM,Dated 10/01/2015 Saturday. Programme will be presided by Our All India President Mr. Rajender Khanna. Promotee friends of Nagaur SSAs will also be honoured on this eve.

01-01-2015"MEETING" --> In the meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee, Dy.GS Sri Sunil Gautam, Asst. GS Sri A.R.Jangid attended and strongly persuaded the opinion of SNATTA, held on 30th December 2014 at BSNL MS Office, presided by Com. Islam Ahmad, President NFTE. The house paid homage to the memory of Com. Chhidu Singh, senior leader and Vice-President of BSNLEU, NTR Circle, who passed away a few days back.Our GS said "we,all the employees of BSNL need to fight internally and externally for our real survival, Internally we need to fight for the betterment of our service and externally we must fight against the government policies as well". He also told that with all that proposed program we have to improve our service qualities (QoS) and every employees must be dedicated to do that, along with all our necessary program all the Unions/Associations come forward to do the same and everyone agreed.

31-12-2014"Happy New Year" --> SNATTA Rajasthan wishes you a very Happy New Year 2015.As the holy occasion of New Year is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here's hoping this eve of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead. May God provide us power to do our Best for our Beloved Deptt. as well as Association.

30-12-2014"News" --> SNATTA Sriganganagar Organised a grand welcome party of New TTAs. All District Secretaries NFTE, BSNLEU, AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA attended the function. Worthy GMTD, AGM(Admn) assured to provide their support towards guanine issues of TTAs.

29-12-2014"News" --> The BSNLHQR has prepared a draft Proposal for HR Plan ( considering Deloitee Committee Recomondations), which will be sent to Board for approval after comments of all unions and associations.

23-12-2014"Party" --> SNATTA Sriganganagar is organising a grand welcome party of newly elected All India President Sh. R.Khanna and new recruited TTAs of SSA. Venue is Hotel Prateek Plaza. Schedule of Programme is 25-Dec-2014, 12.00 noon to 4 PM. All members of SNATTA Sriganganagar are requested to grace the function.

22-12-2014 President Sh. R.Khanna attended JAC meeting with management and Strongly pursued for our burning issues. Wage loss matter for one increment approved by management committee and pending with board for approval. A supplementary note for arrears query has been put to management committee for approval. JTO RR matter is likely to be solved in upcoming board meeting (expected in Jan First week) as HR plan has been done ready by the management. Designation change as it under consideration. 30% superannuation point- for this matter isstrongly presented by President. ED (finance) cleared that we are ready for 3%. After it president, Dy GS Sunil Gautam and AGS Mr A R Jangid met with DGM(SR) Mr. Wadhwa for our NCM representation as Mr. Naresh Valakati. They also met with GM (Estb) Mr. R K Goyal for early persuasion of JTO RR matter. He assured to do needful at their end.

All District Secretaries whose Circle fund has not been depositted till date are requested to deposit the at their earliest.

SNATTA Sriganganagar is organising a Grand welcome party of our newly elected All India President and newly recruited TTAs of SSA.

A meeting between Management and JAC will on 22.12.2014 at Delhi CO to discuss on the demands of JAC.President R.Khanna & AGS A.R Jangir will attend.

10-12-2014 The JTO RR issue could not get throughin BSNL Board meeting due to reported objections from Govt Directors. SNATTA CHQ is in continuous touch with all concerned and persuing the same.

07-12-2014 NFTE SRIGANGANAGAR organise a welcome party of All India President SNATTA Sh. Rajender Khanna and newly recruited TTAs of SSA. SNATTA RAJ extended heartiest thanks to NFTE SGR

05-12-2014"NEWS" -->  A Meeting of JAC will be held on 06.12.14 at 11.30 a.m ,at NFTE office, Bangla Sahib Road, Near Kali mata temple to discuss about the designation change matter.

04-12-2014"THANKS" -->  SNATTA RAJASTHAN extended heartiest thanks to forum BSNL Unions and Association to include the issue of 30% Superannuation benefits to direct recruitees. Also Thanks to CHQ SNATTA for thier continous efferts.

01-12-2014"NEWS" -->  JTO RR issue is likely to be discussed in upcoming board meeting to be held on 9-10 Dec 2014.

27-11-2014"NEWS" -->  Our Newly elected All India president Mr Rajender Khanna with Ex General Seretary attended Strike ending at PGMTD Jaipur called by JAC. SNATTA Jaipur Team with BSNLEU and NFTE warmly welcomed our new president. Mr.Khanna concluded the house by his wonderfull speech

24-11-2014"CONGRATULATIONS" -->  Congratulations to Mr. Rajender Khanna SSA Sriganganagar for being elected unanimously as All India President in AIC Kolkatta.Our Active leader Mr. A.R.Jangir from Nagaur SSA has been elected as Asst. General Secratary. SNATTA Rajasthan congratulate both the leaders for their deserving port folio.

24-11-2014"SAD NEWS" -->  With profound grief it is to intimate that our beloved TTA friend Sh. Padraram ji posted at Didwana, Nagaur expired at around 2 am. today due to heart attack. Prayers and fond memories are what we have to remember our dearly departed. May our Lord bless and comfort his family during this time of grief. In this sorrowful time, SNATTA would like to extend heartfelt condolences. May our Lord comfort his loved ones.

14-11-2014"VENUE INFO" -->  The 6th All India Conference of Sanchar Nigam Association of Telecom Technical Assistant will be held on 22-23 Nov,2014 at Kolkatta and VENUE is RAMKRISHAN MISSION Cultural Institute Auditorium,Golpark,Gariahat,KOLKATTA

14-11-2014"THANKS" --> Thanks to SSA ALWAR for depositing Half Yearly Fund.

13-11-2014"Urgent" --> SSAs other than Sriganganagar, Sikar, Bhilwara, Nagaur and Jhalawar are requested to please deposit their half-yearly fund in SNATTA account as soon as possible.

11-11-2014"Thanks" --> Thanks to SSA Bhilwara for depositing Half Yearly Fund.


18-10-2014"Thanks" --> Thanks to SSA Sriganganagar and Jhalawar for depositing Half Yearly Fund.

16-10-2014"News "-> Circle Secretary Mr. Rajender Khanna met with DGM(Admin) and AGM ( Rect.) for pursuing pending PARA 8 issues & JTO LICE result review matter respectively.

13-10-2014"Good News" --> An individual letter to CGMT Rajasthan has been issued from Corporate office giving instructions to sort out discrepancies of JTO LICE result. Hope for the best.

10-10-2014"News" --> It is learnt that the proposal to offset the wage loss of post 2007 recruits is sent to management committee of BSNL.

03-10-2014"URGENT" --> All Districts Secretaries are requested to assure number of delegates who are going to Kolkata in AIC before 08-10-2014 .Kindly treat it as MOST URGENT for early reservations. For any query Mr. Abhishek Ujjwal ACS SNATTA( 9414033449) may be contacted.


30-09-2014"News" --> Based on average of Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers CPI(IW), Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) rates of BSNL Employees expected to be increased @6.9% from 1st October 2014, which raises to 98.2% from existing rate.

29-09-2014"Thanks" --> Thanks to SIKAR SSA for depositing Half-yearly fund. Other SSA's are requested to do the same ASAP.

28-09-2014"Thanks" --> Thanks to NAGAUR SSA for depositing Half-yearly fund. Other SSA's are requested to do the same ASAP.

22-09-2014"News Update" --> Our Circle Secretary,Central Co-ordinator with Asstt Circle Secretary NFTE attended an All India SNATTA meet at New Delhi. They met with GS & President (NFTE) and a detailed discussion was done about wage erosion and Designation change issue.

20-09-2014"Please Note" --> All Distt. Secretaries/Treasurers are requested to collect fund @Rs.300/-( January 2104 to June 2014) from each member and deposit its 60% to circle account(for circle & CHQ fund) and update on Any clarification may be asked to Circle Treasurer Mr. Bhogender Bhardwaj, Makrana @ 9413394241.

06-09-2014"News Update" --> BSNL has introduced a new offer wherein it will give free sim cards to account holders off the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. BSNL will be providing free Sim card for the account holders of this scheme in the nationalized banks.The Sim cards will be available at the nearest BSNL Customer Service Care or any of the BSNL retailers. Apart from the usual documents needed for a sim card the customers are also required to furnish the copy of the Bank passbook. This scheme will be available for 90days with effect from 08-09-2014.

02-09-2014"News Update" --> SNATTA Rajasthan Congratulate our friends Mr. C.P Meena (Nagaur) and Mr.Sanjay Patidar (Pali) for being elected unanimously as Asstt. Circle Secretary and Circle Vice President NFTE Rajasthan respectively.

02-09-2014"News Update" --> AICPI(IW) for June and July 2014 is 246 & 252. Even if there is no increase in AICPI in August 2014 , IDA payable from October is set to increase 6.6%. One point increase in AICPI will lead to 6.9 % IDA increase and a drop of four points in AICPI will result in an increase of 5.5%.

01-09-2014"News" --> Our Circle Secretary Mr. Rajender Khanna , Circle Co-ordinator Mr. Ananda Ram Jangid, Circle President Mr. Balraj Dogiwal & Circle Treasurer Mr. Bhogender Bhardwaj with Distt. Secretary NFTE Nagaur Mr. C.P Meena along with our TTA friends welcomed Mr. C Singh GS NFTE & Mr. Islam ji President NFTE Bhilwara in Circle conference of NFTE Rajasthan. Leaders discussed our burning issues 30% Fitment benefit, JTO LICE result review , Designation change and Ex-Service man result issue in detail.NFTE leaders assured to do the needfull at their end.

28-08-2014"News Update" --> Reliance Jio Infocomm has signed a pact with the government owned BSNL allowing them to lease out 4000 mobile towers. BSNL will be charging flat Rs 38,000 per month for a ground based tower and charges for Roof based tower will be Rs 24,900.

28-08-2014"News Update" --> Worthy Cabinet minister of Communication & IT Mr.Ravi Shankar Prasad has commited for revival of BSNL in HOCC meeting.

25-08-2014--> SNATTA Rajasthan congratulates Mr. C.P Meena for being elected unanimously as District Secretary NFTE Nagaur.

17-08-2014"New" --> Circle Secretary Mr. Rajender Khanna met CGMT with General Secretary AIBSNLEA Mr. Prahlad Rai for JTO LICE result revision issue. CGMT assured to take remedial action in this regard.

16-08-2014"New Update" --> On 14-08-2014 Central Coordinator, Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer made an introductory meeting with CGMT, GM(Admn), Circle Secratary BSNLEU & Circle Secratary NFTE. They discussed our burning issues like 30% Fitment benifit, JTO LICE review, Training stifund difference arrears. Management assured to take necessary action at there end @

03-08-2014 The 6th Circle Conference of SNATTA RAJASTHAN was held on 3rd August 2014 at MAHARANI PALACE, Jaipur, Rajasthan. <click here for Minutes >

01-08-2014"Pls Note" --> The Circle conference is going to held in JAIPUR on 03-08-2014. Venue : Hotel Maharani Palace, Station Road, In front of Polovictory, JAIPUR T No 0141-2204702 . Reporting Time 09:30 AM to 10:00 AM

30-07-2014 SNATTA JAIPUR District conference was held on 27 Jul 2014 at PGMTD Building, JAIPUR <click here for Minutes >

28-07-2014 SNATTA Sri Ganganagar District conference was held on 27 Jul 2014 and Mr. Rahul Chauhan was selected as District Secretary unanimously.

25-07-2014 All District Secretaries are requested to inform number of delegates coming in Circle conference at Jaipur for better arrangements. Information may be shared with coordination committee through SMS/ Mail/ Telephone

"T7-2014"Its Urgent" --> The Circle conference is going to held in JAIPUR on 03-08-2014. So all District secretaries are requested to prepare for that and also organize district meet to constitute new district bodies at earliest. Any query regarding this may be done coordination committee members Sh. Rohitash Poonia 09414003697; Sh. N S Shekhawat 9460931800; Sh. I C Saini 9414001500; Sh. Rajendra Khanna 9414001664; Sh. Anadaram 9413394793. 

19-07-2014 SNATTA SIROHI District conference was held on 12 JUL 2014 at GMTD Building, Sirohi <click here for Letter ><click here for Photo of New District Body >

11-02-2014 SNATTA Nagaur's 3rd District conference was held on 08 Feb 2014 at GMTD Building, Nagaur <click here for Minutes >

09-02-2014 SNATTA PALI's 2nd District conference was held on 09 Feb 2014 at E 10 B Exchange building, Pali <click here for Minutes >

05-02-2014    All District Secretary are requested to conduct a district conference and make district body and intimate the same to circle chq. so that circle conference can be organized at earliest. Also collect the annual fund for our progressing association, treat it very urgent. Any willingness for conducting circle conference may given in advance to Circle President Mr. Rohitash Punia. (Any query in this regard may made to CP at Mobile No. 9414591040)

02-11-2013 SNATTA CHQ writes to NFTE (BSNL) regarding discrepancies in JTO LICE of Rajasthan Telecom Circle. < <Click here for details> > 

10-09-2013 The SNATTA District body formation meeting of SIKAR SSA was held on 09.09.13. < <Click here for details> > 
ALL SSA are requested to organise the meeting for formation of New District Body and inform the same to CS Mr. N S Shekhawat at earliest.

03-09-2013   Volunteers are invited for posting as faculty members in RTTC Jaipur.< <Click here for details> > 

08-08-2013 Pls send your suggestion/views on mail id as Mr N S Shekhawat will meet to CGMT Rajasthan in next week regarding review of JTO LICE result

01-08-2013   Congratulations JTO LICE Result Declaired today Evening; Total 98 candidate qualified < <Click here for Result> > 

29-07-2013 BSNLEU GS writes to Director (HR), demanding relaxation in qualifying marks / grace marks for the JTO LDCE.< <Click here for Detail> > 

27-07-2013   BSNL 12000 Engineers on Mass Leave for 5th day, other union may join stir< <Click here for Detail> > 

15-06-2013 Thanks for your support Dear All thanks for your valuable comments for preparing the draft for representation. On 13.06.2013 MR N. S. Shekhawat along with NFTE CS Dixit ji meet the CGMT and gave him the representation for various discrepancies in JTO LICE Paper.CGMT remarked that a committee will examin all these discrepancies and on its report further dicision will be taken further he shows positive attitude for BONUS marks if committee agrees for it. So be settled and hope for the best

10-06-2013  A Letter has been given to CGMT Rajasthan for requesting bonus marks in JTO LICE Exam on 06.06.2013. Further you all are once again requested to send your views/doutes for wrong answers/ wrong questions with documentry proof to the mail id or or up to 11-6-013 as we are goning to represent all these wrong/ douted questions to the CGMT Raj in next two days.< <Click here for letter> > 

07-06-2013 Provisional Answer Key The Provisional Key for JTO LICE has been issued by CIRCLE Office.Further you all are requested to mail your views regarding wrong answers/ wrong questions with documentry proof to the mail id or < <click here for KEY> >

03-06-2013  "Congratulations to ALL" for safely conducting the Exams on 02-06-13. Here is the Key for Part A & Part B, it is prepared with very care but it is not the final one, the final key may be come in 3 to 4 working days < <GS & English Key> >  < <Tech Paper Key> > 

08-04-2013 PAY Attention List of Provisionally Eligible,Rejected and Not Eligible candidtates has been published by Circle office, One can correct his records upto 18.04.2013 as per the letter enclosed < <click here for Letter & List> >

06-04-2013  Dear All Click the Link for JTO LICE related notes and questions < <Data Comm & Computer Networks> >  < <Fundamental of Digital Ckts> >

13-03-2013 Congratulations!!! Instrumentation branch is allowed in JTO (T) LICE < <click here for orders> >

13-03-2013  ALL Ex-Service Man Persons and Instrumentation stream candidates are requested to fill the JTO (LICE) form and obtain the receipt of same as sincere efforts are continue by CHQ to provisionally allow ALL the eligible candidates for JTO (LICE)

15-02-2013  Meeting with CMD BSNL: Sh Pawan Meena Acting GS SNATTA, Sh. Tejas Tadsare Auditor Chq, Sh. Amit Kulkarni CS SNATTA MH along with Com Islam Ahmed President NFTE & Sh. Amit Mittal CP NFTE Punjab were present. The issue of 30% fitment was discussed and CMD has responded positively on the issue.

Meeting with GM (Estt) was also conducted in which following issues were discussed-

1) Queries raised by various circles on the issue of JTO LICE.

2) Consideration of past service & upper age relaxation in case of ESMs in JTO LICE

3) Inclusion of various allied engineering branches of Electronics Engineering in JTO RR like Instrument /Instrument & control /Instrument Technology/ Inst. Engg etc.

13-02-2013  JTO LICE notification issued for promotion to the grade of JTO(T) under 35% & 15% Quota to be held on 2.6.2013 for Rajasthan Circle< <Notification> >

13-02-2013  An appeal is made to all DS of Rajasthan circle to collect funds for Legal activities and for Circle Conference @ 500/- per member and deposit the amount to any PNB branch in Rajasthan in Account No 3906000100030495; PNB VKIA JAIPUR; IFSC CODE 0390600 and mail the details to for updation of same on the web portal. please treat it as most urgent.

13-02-2013  New Recruitment rules for MT are proposed by CO Delhi on 12.02.2012; Non-Executives with BE/B.Tech. and 8 years of service are eligible< <Click here for details> >

12-02-2013  BSNLEU writes to Sr. GM (Rectt), requesting to release model question paper for JTO LICE. < <Click here for letter> >

11-02-2013 JTO LICE Notification for MP circle has been issued on 06.02.2013 < <Click here for details> >

10-02-2013 Important Instructions for JTO LICE please download the Important instructions about forthcoming JTO LICE exam < <Click here> >

01-01-2013 CS, SNATTA Rajasthan Sh. N.S. Shekhawat has written a letter to CGMT, Rajasthan regarding 30 % fitment benefit to post 2007 appointed employees. Also Joint forum of BSNL Unions & Associations Rajasthan has written a letter to convener United forum Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, regarding placing the demand of 30 % fitment benefit to post 2007 appointed employees in the agenda of United forum of BSNL Unions and Associations. < <Letter by CS SNATTARAJ> > < <letter by Joint Forun Raj.> >

21-12-2012 SNATTA-CHQ Leaders Sh. Dhiraj Chaudhary and Sh. Pawan Meena (Dy.GS) met with Sr. Officers, Corporate Office, New Delhi. It was urged to expedite the process of notification of JTO LICE. SNATTA-CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to NFTE-BSNL to write a letter to CMD-BSNL to take expeditious steps for holding the JTO LICE without further delay.< <Letter by NFTE> >

17-12-2012 URGENT !!!!.......Letter to Convener United forum Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri,regarding Placing the demand of 30 % fitment benefit to post 2007 appointed employees in the agenda of United Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations. All SSA are requested to send this letter through local unions & associations. < <letter format> > < <letter from NAGAUR SSA> >< <reference letter by BSNLEU> >

17-12-2012 Dear All Post 01.01.2007 recruited TTA’s please pay attention as all you know that all of you are suffering from anomaly of wage loss due to 2nd wage revision on 07.05.2010 and also not getting 30% fitment benefit (solution of this Pay fixation anomaly) till date as given to DR JTO’s belonging to the 2005 year batch, but appointed after 1-1-2007.

In this regard one of our comrade Sh. Anadaram DP SNATTARAJ from Nagaur attract our attention that- There is no any intimation is given to BSNL Management by any 2007 and 2008 batch TTA about wage loss due to 2nd wage revision and 30% fitment benefit (as a solution of that) was not extended them. For this he has drafted a specific letter addressing to GM(Finance) and he requested that such a letter should be written by each and every TTA of Post 2007 and 2008 batch so to make strong pressure on management, resulting an early resolution from their side.

So all you Post 01.01.2007 recruited TTA’s requested to write a letter to GM(Finance) {Through Proper Channel only} By manipulating Mr. Andarams Letter according to your appointment details. All necessary annexure are attached here for your reference. Any query in this regard is welcomed by Mr. Anadaram on Mobile No. 9413394793 . Please Click following links for Letters and Annexures<Letter to GM(F)> <Annexures>

15-12-2012 Post 01.01.2007 recruited SC/ST TTAs Please Pay Attention as per SNATTA CHQ Guidelines you all are requested to fill in the form A/B (given below) and send it through Proper Channel to Chief Liaison Officer (SCT), BSNLCO, New Delhi along with the attachments (1-5, as given below), for the expeditious settlement of wage loss issue.

For Procedure to be followed for sending the letter Pls Click Here

(A). 30 Percent Fitment Issue For SC Candidates

(B). 30 Percent Fitment Issue For ST Candidates


(1). Point to Point Calculation of salary and epf

(2). Tamilnadu PAY ORDER

(3). Removal of disparity JTO

(4). JTO2007

(5). Pat-03.01.2012

Contact details:



05-12-2012 SNATTA Rajasthan's Circle Body warmly welcomed the Honorable CGMT of Raj. A K Bhargav sir. Mr. N S Shekahwat CS SNATTA, Mrs Saroj Jangid DS SNATTA,Jaipur and Vice President Mr.I C Saini meet the CGMT on dt.03rd Dec 2012 at Jaipur. CGMT Sir, assured every possible help from his end towards pending issues SNATTA. ,- N S Shekhawat CS SNATTA Rajasthan

20-11-2012 CONGRATULATIONS Friends "JTO LDCE Notification" Has been Issued Today, Vacancies Calculated upto 31-03-2012. Many Many Thanks to our Leaders <Click Here for Details>

10-11-2012 श्री पवन मीणा को All India Dy.GS SNATTA के रूप में चुनने के लिए राजस्थान परिमण्डल आप सभी सहभागियो का हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करता है ।<Minutes of AIC >  <Photos 1 >  <Photos 2 >

05-11-2012 SNATTARAJ Circle succesfully conducted the 5th ALL India Conference. Sh. N.S.Shekhawat (CS) of Rajasthan Circle is very thankful to all the Delegates for joining the AIC and makeing it huge success, The minutes of AIC follows.....

01-11-2012 JAIPUR SSA deposited Rs 10000 as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Circle Body is thankful to DS of JAIPUR.

31-10-2012 SIKAR SSA deposited Rs 5000 as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Circle Body is thankful to DS of SIKAR.

30-10-2012 UDAIPUR, BHILWARA & PALI SSA deposited respectivelyRs 5000, Rs 6000 & Rs 7500 as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Circle Body is thankful to DS of all the Three SSA's. Further it is again requested to remaining SSA’s who have not deposited their contribution towards AIC till date “Pls deposit the same at Earliest”

23-10-2012 श्री दीपराम महावर (टोंक) तथा श्री अरविन्द त्यागी (जयपुर) को विशिष्ठ संचार सेवा पदक -2012 के लिए चयनित होने पर एसएनएटीटीए राजस्थान परिमंडल की ओर से हार्दिक बधाई <Letter >

23-10-2012 Please Follow the Link for online updatation of the contact information of TTA's posted in Rajasthan Circle. You all are requested to furnish your latest Details to this Database.It is most important <Click here for Link >

18-10-2012 SNATTA JAIPUR'S District conference was held on 23rd September 2012 at seminar hall Malviya Nagar Colony,Jaipur.ALMOST ALL TTA’S of Jaipur attended the meeting.It was a successful event <Click here for Minutes >

14-10-2012 बूंदी एसएसए ने AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान 3500 रुपये जमा करवा दिये है तथा कोटा एसएसए ने AIC हेतु अपना बाकी बचे सदस्यों का अंशदान 3500 रुपये (कुल 17500 रुपये) जमा करवा दिये है इस अनुकरणीय कार्य के लिए परिमण्डल कार्यकारणी श्री सत्यनारायण शर्मा,बूंदी और श्री राजकिशोर शर्मा,कोटा का हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करती है।

10-10-2012  DPE issued revision order for payment of IDA at revised rates for Board level posts and below Board level posts including non-unionized supervisors in CPSEs w.e.f 01.01.2007 [IDA increase by 5.8% from 61.5% to 67.3%] <Please click here for DPE Orders >

09-10-2012 Agenda items and notification for the AIC and CEC to be held on 3rd and 4th November, 2012 at JAIPUR has been published by CHQ <Please click here for Details >

06-10-2012   TONK SSA deposited Rs 3500as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Circle Body is thankful to G S RAJAWAT JI and his Team for 100% contribution from TONK.

05-10-2012 झुंझनु एसएसए ने AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान 7000 रुपये जमा करवा दिये है इस अनुकरणीय कार्य के लिए परिमण्डल कार्यकारणी उनका हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करती है। बाकी सभी जिला सचिवो से भी निवेदन है की शीघ्र ही AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान जमा करावे।

04-10-2012   SNATTA Bharatpur District conference was held on 02 October 2012 at 1200Hrs at Gandhi Park <Please click here for Minutes >

03-10-2012 3rd District Conference of SNATTA Kota was organised on 16th Sep 2012, Sunday at YKS Hotel KOTA <Please click here for Minutes >

26-09-2012   SIROHI SSA deposited Rs 5500 as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Circle Body is thankful to them for this valuable work.

25-09-2012 भरतपुर एसएसए ने AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान 6000 रुपये जमा करवा दिये है इस अनुकरणीय कार्य के लिए परिमण्डल कार्यकारणी उनका हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करती है। बाकी सभी जिला सचिवो से भी निवेदन है की शीघ्र ही AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान जमा करावे।

20-09-2012 बांसवाड़ा एसएसए ने AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान 4000 रुपये जमा करवा दिये है इस अनुकरणीय कार्य के लिए परिमण्डल कार्यकारणी उनका हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करती है। बाकी सभी जिला सचिवो से भी निवेदन है की शीघ्र ही AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान जमा करावे।

19-09-2012 कोटा एसएसए ने AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान 14000 रुपये जमा करवा दिये है इस अनुकरणीय कार्य के लिए परिमण्डल कार्यकारणी उनका हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त करती है। बाकी सभी जिला सचिवो से भी निवेदन है की शीघ्र ही AIC हेतु अपना अंशदान जमा करावे।

21-09-2012   ALWAR SSA & JODHPUR SSA respectively deposited Rs 5000 & Rs 8500 as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Circle Body is thankful to them for this valuable work.

19-09-2012   BSNL has introduced " New Promotional Plans " w.e.f. 1-10-2012, " The BSNL DAY ". All are requested to give wide publicity to the offers personally and on all electronic media.<view details >

12-09-2012 3rd District Conference of SNATTA Kota will be held on 16th Sep 2012, Sunday at YKS Hotel (11.00 AM) ,CAD Circle Kota , so it is to inform and invite all TTA's of Kota and Bundi SSA. Your presence is the key to success for this conference. and to make agenda for future and AIC-2012 at Jaipur.There is also enjoyment and fun for all. R. K. SHARMA 9414649242 (DS, SNATTA KOTA)

28-08-2012 Good News
BSNL Board has approved the following in its meeting held on 28.08.2012
1. 78.2 % IDA fitment.
2. Recruitment of 2670 TTAs from the market.
3. NE-12 Pay Scale for the non executives.

08-08-2012 SRIGANGANAGR SSA has deposited Rs 10000 as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Thanks for this sincere and valuable work.SNATTARAJ again request remaining all SSA to deposit there contribution and make this AIC a huge success.

03-08-2012  Updates on 78.2% IDA merger with basic pay Yesterday BSNL management committee cleared the proposal and it will be placed before the BSNL board by this month end,probably on 26th August.

02-08-2012 SNATTARAJ Wishes you all "HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN"

01-08-2012  Now you can register on EPF website for getting your EPF Account Passbook online. A good initiative by EPFO.<Click Here for Link>

20-06-2012Dear friends, Rajasthan Circle is hosting All India Conference of SNATTA at Jaipur in August 2012. It's expected expenditure is of about Rs : 4 lakhs. So it is decided for Rs 500 per head contribution. Kindly deposit your contribution at the earliest for making a sucessful AIC.



18-09-2012  Jaisalmer SSA & Nagaur SSA respectively deposited Rs 4500 & Rs 7000 as contribution towards AIC to be held in JAIPUR. Circle Body is thankful to them for this valuable work.

29-08-2012  Agreement with Oriental Bank of Commerce:BSNL has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oriental Bank of Commerce for providing various loans to BSNL employees. <View loans and rates>

Congratulations, Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations agitation call of indefinite strike w.e.f. 13th June'2012 is deferred on a written agreement reached between BSNL Management and the representatives of Forum <<Click Here for the written agreement>>.

11-06-2012Participate with full Vigor in the Indefinite Strike from 13th June


It was long overdue and has finally brought the diverse unions under one umbrella. The issues taken up in the strike notice are of great importance to all the BSNL employees and will benefit all of them equally. The 30% superannuation benefit if achieved will surely go a long way in assuring the better future for BSNL recruited employees. We also appeal to the Forum that the issue of 30% fitment benefit to the post 1.1.2007 BSNL employees should also be included and discussed along with the strike notice given.


SNATTA urges its members to fully participate in the Indefinite Strike called by the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations at Circle and SSA Level.

Dear friends, Rajasthan Circle is hosting All India Conference of SNATTA at Jaipur in August 2012. It's expected expenditure is of about Rs : 4 lakhs. So it is decided for Rs 500 per head contribution. Kindly deposit your contribution at the earliest for making a sucessful AIC.

01-06-2012Congratulations, Ernakulam stay case over, Judgement reserved. As per advocate, the petition seems to be allowed. Now they cannot move to SC.


  Contribution for Late Sh. Ravi Kumar :
S.No. Name SSA Amount
1 Narendra Khatri Barmer 100.00
2 Atul Mathur Barmer 100.00
3 Megha Ram Barmer 100.00
4 Somdutt Gehlot Barmer 100.00
5 Sarita faujdar Barmer 100.00
6 Ram chandra Barmer 100.00
7 Mohan Visnoi Barmer 100.00
8 Manoj Meena Barmer 100.00
22-05-2012SSA Jhunjhunu's TTA friends contributes Rs. 1000 for help to family of Ravi Kumar.

17-05-2012   Contribution for Late Sh. Ravi Kumar :

S.No. Name SSA Amount S.No. Name SSA Amount
1 Narsi Singh Shekhawat RTTC Jaipur 200.00 41 Kapil Saini Sikar 100.00
2 Mahesh Mangal RTTC Jaipur 200.00 42 Narendra Singh Sikar 100.00
3 Indra Chand Saini RTTC Jaipur 200.00 43 Sanjay Sikar 100.00
4 Sarwan Singh Shekhawat RTTC Jaipur 200.00 44 Anand Sikar 100.00
5 G S Rajawat Tonk 100.00 45 Kailash Sikar 100.00
6 Mahesh Kumawat Tonk 100.00 46 Pradeep Sikar 100.00
7 Rinkesh Sharma Tonk 100.00 47 Sultan Sikar 100.00
8 Deep Ram Mahawar Tonk 100.00 48 Tausif Sikar 100.00
9 Umesh Gupta Tonk 100.00 49 Nekiram Sikar 100.00
10 Vinod Choudhary Tonk 100.00 50 Vikas Sikar 100.00
11 Naveen Sharma Tonk 100.00 51 Rajesh Sikar 100.00
12   Tonk 100.00 52 Rajendra Sikar 100.00
13 Sajjan Vishnoi Jodhpur 100.00 53 Tarachand Sikar 100.00
14 Sanjay Rathore Jodhpur 100.00 54 Sajid Sikar 100.00
15 Praful Jogawat Jodhpur 100.00 55 Santosh Sikar 100.00
16 Tejman R Mathur Jodhpur 100.00 56 Ajay Sikar 100.00
17 K S Jibi Jodhpur 100.00 57 Pawan Sikar 100.00
18 Rakesh Sankhla Jodhpur 100.00 58 Laxman Sikar 100.00
19 B L Choudhary Jodhpur 100.00 59 Sunil Sikar 100.00
20 Gajendra Solanki Jodhpur 100.00 60 Nitesh Sikar 100.00
21 Hemant Dadich Udaipur 100.00 61 Tejpal Sikar 100.00
22 Kuldeep Paliwal Udaipur 100.00 62 Bhome Singh Sirohi 100.00
23 Umesh Toshniwal Udaipur 100.00 63 Dilip Sirohi 100.00
24 Narendra Paliwal Udaipur 100.00 64 Jayanti Sirohi 100.00
25 Kamal Lohani Udaipur 100.00 65 Manoj GSM Sirohi 100.00
26 Madan Janava Udaipur 100.00 66 Manoj Meena Sirohi 100.00
27 Priyanka Parihar Udaipur 100.00 67 Narendra Rao Sirohi 100.00
28 Graha Vardhan Udaipur 100.00 68 Pankaj Kansara Sirohi 100.00
29 Hanuman Singh Udaipur 100.00 69 Pankaj Sharma Sirohi 100.00
30 Ashok Panday Udaipur 100.00 70 Pawan Kumawat Sirohi 100.00
31 Mohan Lal Udaipur 100.00 71 Pradhumn Kalani Sirohi 100.00
32 Om Prakash Ved Udaipur 100.00 72 Pramod Goyal Sirohi 100.00
33 Ravindra Udaipur 100.00 73 Prem Singh Meena Sirohi 100.00
34 Sandeep Paliwal Udaipur 100.00 74 Ravi Khatri Sirohi 100.00
35 Kuldeep Shrimali Udaipur 100.00 75 Ravindra Sirohi 100.00
36 Keser Dev Sani Udaipur 100.00 76 Shyam Lal Sirohi 100.00
37 Umesh Gotam Udaipur 100.00 77 Tarun Sirohi 100.00
38 Mohm. Zilani Udaipur 100.00 78 Zulfi Sirohi 100.00
39 Vikram Meena Udaipur 100.00        
40 Hemant Jain Udaipur 100.00        

An appeal is made to all SNATTARAJ members to come forward and help the grieving family of Late Sh.Ravi Kumar, by contributing some amount on behalf of SNATTARAJ Circle. The amount may be deposited to any PNB branch in Rajasthan in Account No 3906000100030495;PNB VKIA JAIPUR; IFSC CODE 0390600 and the details should be mailed to for updation of same on the web portal.

30-04-2012   Contempt of court case UPDATE: The hearing is adjourned to 10th May 2012 as the Honarable Justice was on leave today.

04-04-2012   BSNLEU is trying to solve the hurdles for JTO LICE. Please must read this latest update from BSNLEU website<BSNLEU Update>

01-04-2012   SNATTARAJ pays homage to the warrior of SNATTA, Shri A Ravi Kumar DS SNATTA Warangal SSA A.P who passed away on 22nd March 2012. He is survived by his widowed mother, young wife and one year old son.
The demise of Shri Ravi Kumar is a great loss to his family and the SNATTA.SNATTA sincerely feels most deeply for the family of Shri Ravi Kumar, in this sad hour of bereavement. The loss is too severe to be expressed in words, and nothing can ever be done to compensate this huge loss to his family. Ravi, May your soul finds peace and comfort.

21-03-2012  PAY fixation for the JTOs/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, Corporate Office clarification to fix the pay at Rs 19020/- (E1+5 increment) on their date of joining<Order>

17-03-2012 The government has cut the interest rate on the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) from 9.50 to 8.25 percent for 2011-12, giving millions of salaried employees lower returns on their retirement fund. <News>

27-02-2012  BSNL Launches 3 Android Tablets, Price Starting From Rs. 3250<News>

26-02-2012 CBI files case in BSNL - WiMax deal, raids 9 places - Media Report <TOI Report><Unions View>

15-02-2012  "Special Thanks to Sh. Rohitash Poonia, Circle President, Sh. N.S. Shekhawat, Circle Secretary, Sh. Mahesh Mangal, Circle Treasurer, Sh. I.C. Saini, Circle Vice President, Sh. Kapil Saini, Sh. Mahesh Choudhary,Sh. Yashveer singh, Sh. Rajender Khanna, for succesfull arrangement of CEC at RTTC Jaipur."
<Click here for Minutes of CEC>
Glimpses of CEC<One> <Two> <Three> <Four>

13-02-2012  CEC and CWC succesfully conducted at RTTC Jaipur."Mr. PAWAN MEENA" and "Mr. ANOOP" (from CTD Circle) has been Unanimously elected as Organising Sec. of SNATTA CHQ TEAM. Please wait for the Minutes of meeting and other information...

08-02-2012  CEC UPDATE : Message from Circle Coordinator
"Dear Office Bearers, DP's/DS's & Hon'able members, as you know that a CEC meetig of SNATTA is being conducted at RTTC,JAIPUR on 12 Feb'2012 IN Connection to this a CWC meeting of SNATTA Rajsthan is also arranged at RTTC Jaipur on 11 Feb'2012. So you humbely requested to attend this CWC positively to discuss/decide the future course of action of SNATTA" - Pawan Meena

Please Ensure your presence at Both Meetings. District Sec. are requested to send at least two delegates from Each SSA(including themselves) this information may given in advance to Central Coordinator(9460815777) or Circle Sec.(9460931800) on Mobile

02-02-2012  SNATTA Rajasthan Circle is very delighted to host the 5th AIC to be held on 3rd & 4th Nov, 2012 at Jaipur, Rajasthan. You all are cordially invited to participate this auspicious occasion.
1. CEC (Circle Executive Committee) Meeting: On Saturday, 03-11-2012 by 10 AM
Venue : Conference Hall, RTTC Jaipur <Way To RTTC,Jaipur>

2. CEC (Central Executive Committee) Meeting: On Sunday,12-02-2012 by 11 AM

Venue : Conference Hall, RTTC Jaipur <Way To RTTC,Jaipur>

16-01-2012  Provision of prepaid SIM (GSM or WLL) with a talk time of Rs200/- pm to the select non executives on need basis <order>

09-01-2012  SNATTA CHQ Prepared a draft according to RTI act to seek information of JTO(T) vacancies in all circles and request made to all CS to file this RTI application latest by Monday<Application>

26-12-2011  NFTE (BSNL) writes to CMD, BSNL to extend the benefit of five extra increments to the direct recruited TTAs also as is extended in the case of direct recruited JTO's to compensate the loss in pay due to Pay Revision. <Letter>

25-12-2011  BSNL to tap into the Indian Telecom Service pool for filling 700 posts <Read News>

22-12-2011  BSNL Sold Out 1.2 Lakh Prepaid SIM Via Choose Your Mobile Number Scheme <Read News>

19-12-2011  Corporate Office signed MOU with Canara Bank for extending various Loan schemes to BSNL employees <View Agreement Copy>

15-12-2011  SNATTARAJ Morally support the strike please manage the situation at SSA level according to your WISDOM: CS SNATTARAJ(N S Shekhawat)

14-12-2011  Strike Related Updates
SNATTACHQ Message  <read>
JAC Press Release  <read>
BSNL CO "No Work No Pay" Order <read>

12-12-2011  BSNL management has asked for the details of Junior Telecom Officers (Telecom) from all the circles<Read Letter>

06-12-2011  BSNL's cash and bank balance reach Rs 2,500 crore; likely to seek govt bailout<Read More>

03-12-2011  BSNL plans to lease infrastructure to private players:Govt<Read More>

02-12-2011  Modified Scheme and Syllabus for LICE to fill up JTO (TF) (JTO's in Telecom Factory) <Syllabus & Scheme>

01-12-2011  Court case related updates:
>>In the 30% fitment case, BSNL management did not file the reply.The next date of hearing is 12th December, 2011.
>>The further proceedings on JTO LICE has been stayed by Hon High Court of Kerala. SNATTA CHQ is trying hard to get the stay vacated at the earliest.

18th Nov 2011  JTO LICE:BSNL management has agreed upon to consider the vacancies up to Mar-2011, resulting eligibility of very large number of TTAs.The JTO LICE notification is expected very soon: Sincere thanks to CHQ Team

15th Nov 2011  BSNL management is seriously pursuing the early notification of JTO departmental exam (LICE)<Read More>

3rd Nov 2011  Revised scheme and syllabus for JTO LICE under 35% and 15%; Negative marking will be there

<syllabus and scheme>


All India President



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